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Triathlon Training Plan Description

                                           Triathlon Coaching Plan


This plan is designed for the athlete looking for exceptional service and communication with me. Athletes who have very specific goals and are willing to work hard in the pursuit of those goals, or anyone who is interested in achieving his or her maximum possible performance status with complete tracking of athletes progress, frequent feedback and daily guidance. This level is also beneficial for those with a unique work or life style schedule. *The use of a Power meter and GPS device are required at this level.*

Workout structure that follows your personal goals and objectives for the year, integrating heart rate, power meter based training, GPS, perceived exertion, and strength.

Yes. Power and GPS files reviewed daily with monitoring to ensure progress of fitness and ability. *These tools (power meter and GPS) are required for this level of service.*

Use of on- line training software, nutritional log, training log, annual training plan, heart rate and power zones. Also use of software to analyze daily GPS and power files.

Yes, complete use of tools and software.

Swim, Bike and Run drills catered to your specific limiters, building strengths and eliminating weakness.

Yes, with personal instruction if needed.

Unlimited phone, e-mail and texting.

Yes, client is encouraged to  maintain an open line communication and contact me as need.

Daily review of your logged workouts with returned comments.


Race selection, season planning, goal setting.


Specific race nutrition strategies and  execution consultation


Initial performance testing, run gait and swim stroke analysis.

Yes. Personal Swim,Bike and Run pace and power zones with monitoring and adjustments made every 4-6 weeks to maximize results.

Customized strength and conditioning program Designed to address your specific needs.


Changes to training plan as needed


Free participation in Coached workouts.

Yes and reduced fee for participation in training camps and clinics.

Eligible to receive special offers and discounts from Fit2Tri Multisport on-line store.

20% discount on most items.

Monthly Coaching fees reoccurring either on the 1st or 15th of each month. Initial 2 month commitment required. After that billed month by month.


 Fill out the Athlete Questionnaire here , or call me at 954-242-0163 to get started.

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