DeSoto Run Shorts

83e9b990c1246e0b2cd7e8f3ede5d962.89.124 DeSoto Run Shorts Click here to check out the new DeSoto Solana run short.

2011 New Style!

This great run short replaces our 2010 Long Run Short. Improvements include a Skin Cooler liner, the same fabric we use on our Forza Tri Jerseys will now keep you much cooler on those long hot runs. The Funnel Pockets are made of a non-rip mesh, sealed with velcro so can carry your keys with confidence, and swim in these without any drag issues. The preferred length of short by most triathletes, with a modest thigh length.

This short is 3” longer than the Tuesday Run Short, but still well above the knee. It has a full-sided loose fit and a drawstring-elastic waist enabling it to remain in place while swimming. This short is made of a soft, less abrasive NanoSurf™ body

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