Argon 18 E-114

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The new ride!

Going to order the new racing machine today! Excited. I have done a bunch of research on this one. I will be going a review of the bike from the build, the fitting and my impressions when I get her out on to the road, so stay tuned. Also Fit2Tri will be offering some great promotion deals on all Argon bikes in the month of Janruary. If you are in the market for a bike Argon makes a great product. See for yourself why their Kona bike count continues to grow each year.

So took the new bike out yesterday for a 4hr test ride. Made one little adjustment and my position was set. I really enjoyed the way this bike performs. Very stiff and smooth, tracking was very nice and super comfortable! Going to do a video review here soon. Post a question of something you would like to see about the bike.

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Out for a test ride.

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