Fit2Tri Freestyle Swim Clinic

Join Karlyn Pipes Nielsen World Record holder and Richard Nixon USAT Level II Coach and Ironman Champion for a indepth analysis and swim stroke clinic. In easy to understand and straight forward approach we will teach you how to make corrections to your freestyle stroke, improving you efficiency and speed in the water! There will be two clinics offered. A clinic with and one without video taping. Class sizes are limited and will fill quickly. I highly recommend you register early to ensure your spot in this informative, skill improving freestyle swim clinic.

To register call Richard at 954-242-0163

or register online here

COSTS AND TYPES OF CLINICS (for all ages and abilities):

Saturday February 19th 4.5-5 hour Faster Freestyle clinic ( w/video ) $155.00 pp until February 17th, 175.00 thereafter. With a max of 16 participants

Saturday February 19th Schedule for a 4.5 hour Faster Freestyle clinic. Start time 9:00 am

30 min Deck/classroom: Meet, talk about stroke, watch parts of my freestyle DVD

1 hour Pool: Film 1st video shot, drills, balance, streamline and breathing

1.5 hour Deck/classroom: Dryland, watch more of my DVD, review participants 1st video

1 hour Pool: Second water session with more detail, film 2nd video shot

30 min Deck/classroom: Review 2nd video and wrap up w/discussion

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