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The undersigned hereby voluntarily consents to engage in a program of triathlon coaching designed to improve your fitness level and triathlon race performance.  Upon completion of the Athletic Profile and Health Assessment Questionnaire, a customized triathlon training program will be designed for you. During your training sessions, it is advised to monitor your heart rate and perceived level of exertion. You are encouraged to keep your coach informed of your fitness progression. Heart rate and perceived level of exertion are two ways to do so.

Your coach will provide a daily, detailed training program that you are asked to follow. The program will direct you on exactly what type of training and intensity level to engage in. Each workout has been designed specifically with you in mind and is based upon several factors including self-reported current level of fitness, athletic weaknesses and strengths, and your triathlon goals.

The training program is designed to maximize your potential for improvement with the minimal amount of training required. You can expect to see gradual, steady improvement in your fitness as you progress through the training. It is imperative that you try to follow the program as designed and not to rush your fitness. Specific key workouts will be indicated as well as days of reduced training/rest that should be followed to reap the greatest benefits.

As part of the coaching program, you are entitled to no less than a 20-minute phone consultation and progress review biweekly (26 times per year). Phone consultations are encouraged on at least a weekly basis, or more often if needed, during the initial 6 weeks of training. It is the athlete’s responsibility to call the coach. The coach will return calls as soon as possible if not immediately available.

There is a minimum three-month coaching commitment payable prior to initiating training. Subsequently, the athlete can pay month-to-month  or recommit for an additional three-month coaching program . Long term (6 to 12 month) programs are also available. Fees for Coaching are not refundable, but may be stopped due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances and restarted once you are healthy and able to train again.  Call for details. Please keep track of your payment schedule (every 4 weeks) as to not cause an interruption in your training.

You may either pay by credit card online or mail a check to the following address:

Richard Nixon
4960 N.W. 54th Street
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
(954) 242-0163

The athlete is encouraged to utilize the expertise of the coach and when satisfied with the program, refer athletes to Fit 2 Tri Multisport Inc.

As with virtually any athletic activity, there exists a certain risk of injury. The undersigned acknowledges this risk and agrees that his/her physical condition is adequate to safely train for triathlon. The undersigned further agrees that if during training an activity causes pain, you are to stop immediately. However, when participating in any training program, it is important to distinguish between normal muscular discomfort due to fatigue, and real musculoskeletal pain that precedes an injury.

Any and all questions concerning training principals and coaching philosophy are encouraged. You can help the coach do a better job for you by keeping him informed and through timely communication with him.

I have read the above and agree to follow the same.

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Common sense is your best guide in answering the below questions. Please check Yes or NO opposite the question.

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I hereby certify that the above information is correct.

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I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the person whose name is signed above, was physically examined and has no contraindications to participation in rigorous athletic training designed to enhance fitness and race performance.

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